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New Starters

Welcome to Little Parndon Primary Academy.

You will have had the opportunity to collect your pack of information from the school by now. If you have not yet collected it could you please contact the office as soon as possible for a time slot, as we are not able to just welcome parents onto site at the present time.

We understand that starting a new school can be a very daunting prospect, for parents as much as children, especially at this time when there are so many uncertainties. At the moment we are reliant on government guidance, and are only able to suggest what we might be able to offer you as your child starts school, but we will do our best, under these circumstances, to make the transition to school as smooth as possible.

Normally we would have meetings in school with you, invite you in to spend time in class and run sessions for the children prior to the Summer holiday to begin to get to know each other, and then visit you at home to pass on information and answer your questions.

This is not going to be possible this year, so we will try to do all of this through class dojo, which is why we have asked you to log in. We will keep you updated, send you any information we have, as soon as we get it, and you will be able to message us directly with any questions.

Myself and Mrs Selvon, the class teachers, and Mrs Eels and Ms Weston ,the CoEd’s (co-Educators is a new name for teaching assistants), will post videos to introduce ourselves and other members of the school team.

In our posts we will:

  • read stories,
  • tell you why the classes have these names,
  • suggest good Youtube videos and interactive sites you might like to watch,
  • suggest activities you could complete,
  • show you how we form our letters and numbers to support any practise at home,
  • ...and of course, provide you with any updates we have to share with you.

We are looking forward to working with you to make your child's start at school as exciting and welcoming as we can and to make their entry into big school the first step into an adventure that they will continue with to have with us for their entire time at Little Parndon.

Welcome to The Very Busy Spider and The Very hungry Caterpillar classes. We look forward to meeting you all.

Kind regards

Steph Galliers


Meet your class teachers

The Very Busy Spiders

The Very Hungry Caterpillers


Welcome from the staff

Mr Evans

Mrs Lynch

Madame Lee

Mr O

Mrs Black

Kitchen Staff


Mrs Weston shares a story

Mrs Eels shares a story


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